About the Program

We are proud to partner with the Department of Homeland Security in promoting, "If you See Something, Say Something." In order to facilitate communication with our agency we set up the Drop a Dime program. If you see something suspicious or have a concern you can text or email your information to Drop a Dime. The information sent to this address will go directly to on duty police dispatchers and police department watch commanders who can deploy resources if needed. Drop a Dime does not replace 911 but can be an alternative if you can't use voice communication. Your information will be kept confidential.


Some of the benefits are that citizens on the scene of a crime can quietly and secretly pass information on to police. Anonymous information can be passed along with no voice to voice communication required. Citizens with vital information can help stop crime in their areas without fear of retaliation.

What To Do

See a Crime: DROP-A-DIME. Know About a Crime: DROP-A-DIME

Simply text or email your message to: Drop a Dime

Tired of the crime? Drop a Dime

In trouble but can't talk? Text your 911 EMERGENCY to Drop a Dime