Fire Inspection & Prevention

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The Fire Prevention Bureau of the Cocoa Fire Department is led by Cocoa Fire Chief J. Lamm, who also holds the title of Fire Marshal. 

Fire Prevention is responsible for performing fire & life safety inspections on all commercial & multi-family buildings located within the City of Cocoa. All buildings are inspected on either an annual, bi-annual, or tri-annual basis, based on their risk classification. The Fire Inspector also reviews all plans for new buildings, renovations, alterations & fire systems for compliance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

The purpose of fire inspections & fire plan review is to reduce or fully eliminate possible hazards resulted with fires, deaths, injuries, or property loss. 

The Fire Inspector also offers free courtesy inspections for prospective new businesses with questions regarding fire & life safety code considering moving to a new location within the City of Cocoa, or major changes to existing businesses located within Cocoa in order to help avoid any unexpected surprises at a later date.

Local Business Tax Receipt

All commercial businesses operating within the City of Cocoa require a Local Business Tax Receipt in accordance with City of Cocoa Code Chapter 12, Sec 12.1. New applications or applications indicating a change in occupancy use classification or business owner(s) will require a fire inspection before the Local Business Tax Receipt is issued. 

Fire Inspection Fee Schedule

The schedule for fire inspection fees is established in accordance with the City of Cocoa Code of Ordinances Chapter 6. Buildings, Construction, and Property Regulations, Article I. Building and Construction, Division 2. Fire Protection and Prevention, Section 6-208 Fire Inspection Fees, Resolution 2019-019.  

Fire Inspections Fees for all commercial tenant or building occupancies. Fee-based on the square footage of space or building.

*Fire Inspection Fee schedule for licensed Florida State-regulated facilities that require an annual fire inspection. Such as, but not limited to Child Care facility, Alcohol, and Drug treatment facility, Adult Family Care facility, Individuals with Developmental Disabilities facility. - Initial Inspection Fee: $50

Re-inspection fees shall be in accordance with the Fire Inspection Fee Schedule for the appropriate size space or building.

Life Safety Occupancy Load Signs

  • All buildings that are considered an assembly per NFPA 101 shall have a Life Safety Occupancy Load Sign posted at all times. Life Safety Occupancy Load Signs shall be issued jointly by the Building Official and Fire Marshal. Any occupancies missing an occupancy load sign may contact Fire Prevention at 321-433-8916 to have a sign issued.
  • Business owners or their representatives are responsible for ensuring the Life Safety Occupancy Load Sign is posted in a conspicuous location and shall keep an accurate count of the number of persons in their building at all times