Board of Adjustment


Appeal of Administrative Decision$850 + Ad fees
Special Exception$850 + Ad fees
Variance$850 + Ad fees
Waiver$850 + Ad fees

Comprehensive Plan Amendment


Small-scale$1,550 + Ad fees
Large-scale map and text Amendments$1,250 + $850 + $6 per acre + Ad fees
Development of Regional Impact$1,500 + fees and costs allowed by State Law + Ad fees
Development Agreement$1,250 + Ad fees

Zoning Amendments

Zoning Text Amendment$1,250 + $6 per acre + $6 per lot per du + Ad fees
Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning)$1,250 + $6 per acre + $6 per lot per du + Ad fees

Planned Unit Development


PreliminaryPreliminary subdivision plat fee
FinalFinal subdivision plat + rezoning fees

Site Plan


Minor Amendment for lot less than one (1) acre$1,500
All others$1,500 + $50 per each additional acre



Preliminary$2,000 + $25 per lot
Final$1,5000 + $25 per lot + City surveyor certification cost
RecordingActual recording fees + $50


Home Occupation$50
Sidewalk Cafe$25
Dog-Friendly Dining Area $25
Tree Removal$15 per tree or $200 per acre
Zoning Confirmation Letter$150 + additional public record fees pursuant to pollicy
Telecommunications Towers and Antennae$1,500 + consultant fees
Vacation (right-of-way & easement)$1,500 + surveyor and Ad fees
Flag Lots (administrative approval)$500
Flag Lots (P & Z Board Approval)$1,250
Minor Site Plan Revisions$50
Large Scale Site Plan Revisions$100
Preliminary Subdivision Revisions$100
Planning Inspection Fees$75
Landscaping Inspection Fees$100
Specialist 3rd Party Reviews$50 + consultant fees