Compliance Review

TO: Chief Evander Collier IV

FROM: Sergeant Christopher Bradshaw, Professional Compliance

DATE: January 10, 2022

SUBJECT: 2021 Biased-Based Profiling Administrative Review

     In accordance with SOP 960- (Biased Based Profiling) and CFA 2.06 (E), I have completed an annual

administrative review of the agency practices, citizen complaints and any documented concerns that

may have been received. The following is a breakdown of the information reviewed:

     • In accordance with FSS 316.614, the records division has successfully submitted their quarterly

reports to the DHSMV for the 2021Seat Belt Violation Data Collection System. Each of these

reports documents a non-biased approach to the issuance of these citations. For each quarter

reported, the majority of citations were issued to non-Hispanic individuals.

     • A review of our current policy SOP 960 (Biased-Based Profiling) and Biased- Based Profiling

brochure was conducted. Both the policy and the brochure appear to represent a consistent approach

with regards to our current practices. There were also no notable needs for revisions.

     • During the year, 2021 there were 29 complaints received by the Office of Professional

Compliance. Of these 29, there were no complaints that were identified as being biased­

based in nature.

     Please consider this memorandum is an administrative review of the Cocoa Police Departments

practices involving biased based profiling.