Cocoa Fire Rescue Pre-Inspection Checklist

The City of Cocoa Fire Department has a Fire Inspector who will come out and periodically inspect your business. This list is not all encompassing, but will help serve as a guide for business owners to prepare for their fire inspection and ensure their business is kept up to code to ensure the safety of all occupants of the building. All buildings are subject to Florida Fire Prevention Code & a fire inspection.

  • Have your address posted on outside of business – Minimum of 6” in size.
  • Emergency lighting & illuminated exit signs operable in normal & battery mode.
    1. Utilize “TEST” button on side of sign/light to test battery.
  • All exit aisles clear from obstructions, minimum of 36” width.
  • All exit doors unlocked & free of obstructions during business hours.
  • Exit signs installed above all exit doors.
  • All fire extinguishers tagged & certified by licensed fire extinguisher provider.
  • Fire extinguishers inspected & tagged annually by certified fire extinguisher provider.
  • Fire extinguisher properly mounted on wall and not obstructed from view.
  • No extension cords or multi-plug adapters being used as permanent wiring.
  • No large appliances (Refrigerator, Microwave, etc.) plugged into extension cords.
  • No storage blocking electrical panels. – Minimum 36” clearance.
  • Electrical boxes, outlets and switches properly covered with appropriate plates & fillers.
  • All electrical breakers located inside panels labeled as to indicate their purpose.
  • No large quantities of combustible materials stored near heat source or exit paths.
  • All ceiling tiles in place. All large holes in ceilings & walls patched appropriately.
  • All flammable and combustible liquids stored appropriately.
  • Compressed gas cylinders secured to rack or use of strap to prevent falling.
  • Fire alarm system in proper working order and system tested annually.
  • Sprinkler system in proper working order and system inspected quarterly.
  • No storage within 24 inches of ceiling, and not obstructing any sprinkler heads.
  • Occupancy load & current business tax receipt posted in visible location near front door.


Restaurants – In addition to above list -

  • Commercial Hood extinguishing system properly maintained, tagged & certified every 6 months.
  • Commercial Hood Cleaning done by a professional company every 6 months.
  • Class K Extinguisher provider in cooking area, inspected & tagged every 12 months.