Public Safety/Community Standards

Provide effective and efficient public safety services that remains proactive and allows for enhanced community relations and preparedness.

The City of Cocoa’s commitment to be a safe and inclusive community can be seen in its efforts to implement proactive, community-based solutions to build strong partnerships, engage its residents and focus on our youth. This past year the City of Cocoa welcomed a new Police Chief, Evander Collier IV. His focus was on getting out in the community and forming partnerships between our police officers and our residents. Chief Collier held several community walks where he and the team were seen walking the streets of Cocoa to meet residents and learn first hand their concerns. This past year, we saw a reduction in overall crime from the previous year and through these community based, data driven efforts, the Cocoa Police Department is better prepared to respond to crime trends and emerging social problems. 

Through this unimaginable few years of a global pandemic, the public safety team has become better prepared to respond in times of disaster with training and enhancements to disaster preparedness initiatives. The Fire Department has been enhancing training and response efforts as well. 

These proactive, community-based solutions are helping enhance public safety and improve the overall quality of life for the Cocoa community.   

Broad-based initiatives to achieve the priority area of public safety and community standards include:

  • Implement proactive, community-based solutions to build strong community relations.
  • Proactively and consistently respond to shifting crime trends and emerging social problems.
  • Attract and retain a skilled community-oriented and diverse sworn and civilian workforce.
  • Ensure training and readiness of Public Safety employees.
  • Enhance community disaster preparedness initiatives.
  • Enhance community standard efforts while continuing to strive for voluntary compliance.
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