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To Schedule & Reserve

Contact Leisure Services at (321) 639-3500 to see if the date and space you want is available. Then fill out the following documents. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance to reserve a facility.
Submit your completed documents to:
Leisure Services Division
434 Delannoy Ave.
Suite 202
Cocoa, FL 32922

Ph: (321) 639-3500.

Special Event Reservations

A special event is considered any public celebration or gathering, such as but not necessarily limited to entertainment, dancing, music, concerts, dramatic productions, art exhibitions, parades or the sale of merchandise, food or alcohol, or any combination of the foregoing, which:
  • Involves the use of or impact to public property, as well as property dedicated exclusively for public use
  • Where the nature of such special events required the erection of stages, barricades, utility poles, booths, tents, or other temporary structures; and
  • Which of necessity requires for the special event's successful execution the provision and coordination of municipal services to a degree significantly over and above that which the city routinely provides under ordinary circumstances.
The definition of special event shall not include events which are city organized events, block parties, nor events which are solely parades, unless such parade is proposed as an integral part of a broader special event.

Parade shall mean any march, ceremony, show, exhibition, pageant, footrace, bicycle race or procession of any kind or similar display in or upon any street, park or other public property in the city conducted by any person, government or civic organization or other entity.A funeral procession shall not constitute a parade.

To reserve a special event, first contact Leisure Services at (321) 639-3500 to reserve your date and space and then fill out the following application and submit to Leisure Services at:
434 Delannoy Ave.
Suite 202
Cocoa, FL 32922