Wewahootee Water Treatment Plant

Treatment Plant

Cocoa's property in Orange County includes:

  • 160 acres at Wewahootee (which means "water house" in Creek Indian language)
  • 86 acres at the Claude H. Dyal Water Treatment Plant

Water Process

Ground water is pumped from the well field to Wewahootee where it is aerated to remove hydrogen sulfide, then chlorinated. Water is then pumped or gravity fed through approximately nine miles of parallel 36-inch and 42-inch diameter transmission pipelines to the Dyal Plant.

Sulfuraetor diagram

Sulfuraetor Under Normal Operation

Under normal operation water enters through the center column of the tank and is distributed over packing material. Water flows down through the packing and into contact with air that is flowing in the opposite direction.

After dissolved gasses are removed through physical air stripping and biological uptake, the water flows to the inner tank where it is chlorinated and stored in the outer tank.

Air used in the process is introduced in the storage tank and passes into the inner tank. The air is then forced upward through the packing and out of the top.