Requirements to Obtain Reclaimed Water Service

Specific Requirements

  • Contact the Jerry Sellers Water Reclamation Facility to find out if service is available in your area at (321) 433-8749.
  • Complete and sign the reclaimed water service application and make payment for service at Cocoa's Customer Service Department located in City Hall at 65 Stone St. Call them at (321) 433-8400.
  • Review and sign the Reclaimed Water Customer Orientation agreement. Copies are available at customer service or at the water reclamation facility.
  • Schedule an inspection of your reclaimed water system.
  • Hose bibbs, spigots or other hand-operated connections are allowed. They must be located in a locked vault, service box or compartment. Clearly labeled "non-potable water", "DO NOT DRINK" in English and Spanish.
  • Wells on the customer's property cannot be connected to any hose or irrigation system which is connected to the reclaimed water system.
  • Wells can remain in service as long as the two systems remain separate (air gap).
  • A backflow prevention device will be installed on the potable water system if one is not in place.
  • Property located outside the city limits of Cocoa will be required to sign an Annexation Agreement prior to making application for reclaimed water service.
  • Requirements are taken from Cocoa City Code Chapter 22, Article IV, Sections 36-44. Full text is available on the Cocoa Municode website and from State of Florida Administrative Code 62-610.