Emergency Management Division

Emergency Management Functions

Welcome to the City of Cocoa's Emergency Management (EM) web site. The function of EM is to coordinate services during major emergencies. EM is an additional duty of the Fire Chief.

EM is tasked with keeping all city emergency plans up to date. These plans prepare the City to handle all types of emergencies. These plans include, but are not limited to weather related incidents such as hurricanes, tornadoes and all hazards such as hazardous materials releases. We communicate information as needed before, during and after a major event. Keeping the City up to date with weather information and ensuring that all residents are prepared and protected keeps staff members busy throughout the year, but even more so during busy hurricane seasons.

The EM Team is comprised of key City officials including the City Manager, Fire Chief, Police Chief, Public Works Director, Utilities Director, Community Services Director, Finance Director, the Mayor and City Council as well as additional staff from other City departments. Keeping the City operational during an emergency is a team effort requiring City staff to work together to achieve the common goal of protecting our citizens.

As a City resident you can feel safe knowing we are working hard to make our City safe. We continually review new plans and methods to notify residents of important information regarding EM functions.

If you have any questions regarding EM contact the Fire Department at 321-639-7613 or email Fire Department.