EOC Activation Levels

City of Cocoa's current activation level-- 3 

What does that mean?

Cocoa Emergency Operations Center Activation Levels

1Full Scale Activation of City Emergency Response Team - In a full-scale activation, all primary and support agencies under the county plan are notified. The City Emergency Operations Center will be staffed by Office of Emergency Management personnel and all Emergency Support Functions.
2Partial Activation of Cocoa Emergency Response Team - This is limited agency activation. All primary, or lead, Emergency Support Functions are notified. Office of Emergency Management personnel and necessary Emergency Support Functions will staff the City Emergency Operations Center.
3Monitoring Activation - Level 3 is typically a "monitoring" phase. Notification will be made to those city agencies and Emergency Support Functions who would need to take action as part of their everyday responsibilities. Cocoa Office of Emergency Management staff will staff the City Emergency Operation Center.