Stormwater Division

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Mission Statement

The Stormwater Division is responsible for maintaining the municipality of Cocoa's drainage ditches and swales, piping, inlets and retention and detention ponds. Maintenance includes excavating ditches and swales so the storm water flows properly, vacuuming out inlets and pipes to ensure there are no blockages and treating the retention and detention ponds to control vegetative growth.

The Stormwater Division is funded through the stormwater utility which collects funds used for storm water improvements that allows Cocoa to achieve the goals of its comprehensive plan and to rehabilitate older segments of the drainage system.

Stormwater Division

The Stormwater Division has a PMP (Preventative Maintenance Program) set up to keep liter, leaves, debris, and other objects from obtrusive pipes and storm drains to keep water flowing.

Request Tracker Form

If you have a complaint, concern or see something that needs to be fixed and live in the municipality of Cocoa, please complete the Request Tracker Form, someone will get back with you. Should something need immediate attention that is hazardous please call 911. Also, you can call the Public Works Department at (321) 433-8770 to report problems, concerns or repairs. For street light outages please call FPL at (321) 723-7795 or fill out an online form directly with FPL.

This form can be used for such things as pot holes, traffic signals, street signs, trash, and trees obstructing right of ways etc.