What do SROs do?
One of the most important aspects of the SRO program is the ability of the officer to develop teamwork in fighting many problems that students of today are facing. The SRO works with many agencies such as school based-youth programs, HRS, Crosswinds, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and others to provide teen health services, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, and parent, student, and staff counseling.

The basic outline of duties for the SRO includes investigating crimes that occur within the school and on school property, creating a positive role model for students, creating a link between law enforcement and the students, and being a resource for parents, staff, administration, and students in regards to law enforcement and community problems.

Today, the program has become a valuable asset to the police department, school district, and the community.

The SRO program works much the same way with each school in Cocoa. At Cocoa High School the SRO works with the administration, educators, and counselors. The role each plays is dependent on the needs of the situation. Cocoa High School is dedicated to providing an education to all of their students. With this goal in mind, all assets and services are pledged to this end.

A student with a suspected substance abuse problem is a different concern than a student being harassed or a student suspected of being involved in gang activity. No one person has the "final" say as to the solution to a situation, as each has a differing role, authority, and approach. The primary concern is that of the student.

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