How can I get Speed Humps?
Typically, most speeding situations can be resolved with enforcement for the laws we have in place now. You may contact the Cocoa Police Department at 321-639-7620 Ext. 4 and describe the vehicle and time of day of the incident. Speed humps are installed only after all other efforts to curb speeding have been exhausted. To begin the process for installing speed humps a petition is signed by at least 51% of the property owners, owning at least 51% of the property, along the impacted street. After receiving a valid petition – from 51% of property owners along the impacted street - Public Works will conduct an assessment to determine a likely outcome of speed humps – beneficial and negative, what surrounding area and connecting streets will be impacted, where the speed humps are best placed, the full installation and maintenance cost, comments from emergency services – Police & Fire, and all required signage installations. After the assessment is completed a second petition requiring 51% of property owners within the “impacted area” are again requested to re sign the petition and acknowledge receipt of the copy of the Public Works assessment. Once a post assessment petition is validated, Cocoa City Council will then be requested to review. Police - Traffic Complaint Form

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