How can I get my street swept?
Please call 321-433-8770 or complete the Request Tracker form and someone will get back with you; if our answering machine picks up – please leave a short message – we are on the phone helping another customer – and we look forward to returning your call. A street sweeper is contracted by the City to sweep streets and parking lots once a month. The purpose of sweeping is an environmental precaution to prevent pollution and debris from entering our storm system and water ways. The cleaner the storm drain system is the better it operates. Typically, Cocoa sweeps about 90 cubic yards of debris a month; that’s 90 cy that does not make its way in to our water ways. Sweeping begins on the first day of the month and continues until all streets have been swept, typically about six working days. After the first cycle has been completed, the sweeper returns the third week and sweeps again in the Cocoa Village area. Hours of operation are generally from 4:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.. Please help by keeping trees trimmed 14 feet above the street and bushes cut back from the curb so the sweeper can get under and past. Also, if you know the sweeper is in your area try to avoid street parking.

Request Tracker Form

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