Does the City of Cocoa provide sand bags?

The City of Cocoa has provided piles of sand in the past for residents to fill their own sand bags but this is not a guarantee before each storm. Not all homes need sandbags.  Research ahead of time if you live in a low-lying area that is prone to flooding.  Sandbags may be used to protect your home by placing them across doorways to prevent water from entering the building.  Most home improvement stores carry sandbags.  You can purchase them and keep them in your hurricane supply kit and then fill them with sand or dirt available on your property.  Home improvement stores often sell fill dirt as well.  Remember DO NOT fill your bags with sand from the beach.  If you plan ahead, this will save you time when a storm is approaching.  Remember, lines were quite long to get sandbags during Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma. Location and availability of sandbags available prior to a storm will be updated as the information becomes available.  Most local municipalities do not provide sandbags prior to a storm.   

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