What programs are available?

Collateral Support Program

The Collateral Support Program enables financing that might otherwise be unavailable due to a collateral shortfall. This credit enhancement uses public resources to encourage private lenders to lend money to businesses by providing a cash deposit as collateral for a business loan or credit facility.

Venture Capital Program

Targeted investment strategy implemented on an appropriate scale that can attract capable investment managers to support Florida small businesses and create value. DEO will work with Enterprise Florida to secure partnerships with public entities and investment managers.

  • Direct investments in Florida start-ups and early-stage businesses with high growth potential or the possibility to generate a high return.
  • Provides access to capital in the form of equity investments and convertible debt.
  • SSBCI funds can be used for transactions up to $20 million in a single round.

Loan Participation Program

SSBCI funds are used alongside private funds to support a loan to a borrower. The SSBCI funds may be used as a companion loan, or the funds may purchase a portion of the loan made by the private lender.

Loan Guarantee Program

The Loan Guarantee Program provides a private lender with a short-term, partial guarantee to support a loan or line-of-credit for eligible small businesses.

Capital Access

The Capital Access Program is a pooled loan insurance program where a private lender originates a loan, and the borrower and lender contribute a percentage of the loan per eligible small business, which is then matched by SSBCI funding.

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