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Cocoa Reclaim Water Service Orientation Form

  1. Reclaim Water Customer Orientation

    Chapter 22 of the City of Cocoa's City Code provides for a reclaimed water system within the city. Section 22-43 states that the City Manager has the authority to implement reasonable rules and regulations with respect to certain matters. Section 22-43, Item No.1 concerns "Service application procedures and requirements". One requirement prior to receiving reclaimed water service is to review the City of Cocoa Reclaimed Water customer orientation.  The orientation is designed to educate the customer about requirements and proper use of the Reclaimed Water System.

    City Responsibilities

    The customer will receive the following information:

    • Reclaim Water Service Application
    • City of Cocoa Reclaimed Water System
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Reclaim Water Service Customer Orientation Form
    • Guidelines for Reuse Violations
    • Reuse Billing Examples
    1. Per State of Florida Administrative Code #17-555-360, the City of Cocoa has the responsibility to ensure that the appropriate backflow prevention device is installed on the potable water service line serving the customer’s property prior to connecting reclaim water service. The type of backflow to be installed is determined by the degree of potential hazard on the property.
    2. The reclaimed water service line and reclaim meter will be located in a purple meter box labeled as "Reclaimed Water". There should be nothing else located in this box to include a ball valve etc.
    3. The City of Cocoa's Environmental Control Coordinator will inspect operation of all irrigation systems, which are using reclaimed water for irrigation. Inspections will be conducted between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday.
    4. The City will monitor the use of all irrigation systems, which are using reclaimed water for irrigation to assure compliance with all city ordinances and state laws concerning reclaimed water.

    Customer Responsibilities

    1. Reclaimed water shall be used for irrigation purposes only.
    2. Prior to receiving service, the property owner may install an underground irrigation system. There are no restrictions on the type of sprinkler system however; excessive overspray into the street or adjoining property is not permitted. The customer will be responsible to make the connection to their irrigation system between the city-installed reclaim meter and the customer's irrigation system.
    3. The reclaimed water supply shall not enter any building containing a dwelling unit.
    4. Hose bibs shall be located in a locked vault and clearly marked as reclaimed water. As an alternative, hose bibs can be located in an unlocked below grade vault provided the valve operators have been removed or require a special tool to operate. See the attached "Exhibit A".
    5. If a well is located on the property, it shall be physically disconnected (Air Gap) from the irrigation\reclaimed water system.
    6. The customer’s irrigation system must be inspected by Cocoa’s Environmental Control Coordinator’s when first connected to the Reclaimed Water Distribution system and will be inspected periodically thereafter. New service line installations will be locked until a representative from the Water Reclamation Division removes the lock. The locked service line provides protection to the customer and to the general public from contamination and cross connections. Removal of the service line lock by anyone other than a representative of the city's Water Reclamation Division is a violation of the rules and regulations for using reclaimed water. Violation of these rules can result in discontinuance of service or other sanctions against the customer and/or the customer's representative. To have the lock removed from the reclaimed service line contact Customer Service 321-433-8400 and ask for an “UNLOCK/TURN ON” work order to be created.
    7. If the appropriate backflow prevention assembly has not been installed on the potable water service line serving the same property as the property requiring reclaim service, the customer will be responsible for any backflow preventer installation fees. Reclaim service will not be established until the appropriate fee(s) have been paid. These fees are outlined in the City of Cocoa Utilities Handbook – Rates, Fees, and Charges (Exhibit A&B) and can be found here
    8. The City of Cocoa will not reconnect the potable service line to the home.  The customer is responsible for reconnection of the potable service line or having a licensed plumber perform this service.
    9. The City highly recommends installing a ball valve after the meter in a secondary box. This will help with the shutting off the system if maintenance needs to be conducted on the irrigation system or should a problem arise.

  2. The undersigned affirms that he/she understands and is aware of the rules, regulations and "Guidelines for Reuse Violations" pertaining to the City of Cocoa's reclaimed water system.
  3. By typing my name in this form, I affirm the accuracy of information provided on this application. I understand that this constitutes a legal signature and confirms that I agree to the above terms.

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